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2011-08-05 06:12:50 by Digitalistic

Let us introduce ourselves
We are Max and Lenny, and we are doing this for about a year, almost two years now. And we want to do this as long as possible. We know eachother since we were 3 years old. We are both 17 now and we see each other weekly.
Our music of choice is kinda complicated, we both like different kinds of music (and that's good because then we have a diversity in kinds of music). We both like Daft Punk, The Glitch Mob and Faithless, but Lenny doesn't like Digitalism, and Max does.
The Future:
We are still just a duo with a little experience and we are trying to get a label and to get a good CD. Which we will call Broken Beats.

So yeah, this is everything you need to know about us. Also, we almost never play games on this account.



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